Welcome back to Year 3 and Years 4 and 5, (Group 1) this week, surely the hottest of the year so far!

Lots of fun spent outdoors this week.

Nursery children have continued to learn about creatures under the sea and as it has been so hot there has been lots of water play. 

Year One have made the most of the wonderful summer
weather. They were excellent Science spies, finding leaves and matching them with the corresponding tree, tracing the leaves, drawing veins and colouring them in accurately. At lunch-time they voted to have a picnic outside, until Thursday when it was too hot for even the most sun loving Year Ones. The giant outdoor 100-square was in need of some numbers so they went on their mission to get all 100 numbers in the correct places and, once completed, they skilfully hopped on and back in ones and tens. Andy Goldsworthy was the inspiration for an introductory lesson on working with natural materials. They collected grass, flower heads, petals, leaves and bark to create a patterned piece of art. 

This has been an exciting week for Team 1 of Year 5 as they returned to school at last, bringing the sunshine with them! It was fantastic to see the children after so long, and they loved seeing their friends and actually maybe even appreciated being at school for the first time! Every morning they have been keeping up the Joe Wicks workout on the field and they have also been skipping to keep up their fitness levels.