What can I tell you about our wonderful school that would not be better experienced first hand during a visit! Through the photos and narrative on these pages we offer you a glimpse into life at Sacred Heart School and Nursery that we hope will inspire and encourage you to find out more.

I would be delighted to welcome you to our school where every day is 'open day' and where, I am confident, the children themselves will do the storytelling for you!

We welcome boys and girls from 2-11 and with pupil numbers around 120 we have the opportunity to know each child individually, to recognise and encourage their strengths and support them in overcoming areas of difficulty.

Our pupils enjoy a high degree of academic success, regularly obtaining places at their first choice of school, including passes at 11+ and Scholarships.

Courtesy and care for each other are important values nurtured at Sacred Heart School where children play and work well together. We believe our pupils are our best advertisement.

If you would like to discover for yourself what makes Sacred Heart such a happy and successful school please contact us on 01892 783414 to arrange a visit and bring what you see on these pages to life.


Hilary Blake  BA Jt Hons; PGCE

Head Teacher