Y3's Wonderful World of Plants

During our Science lessons this term we have been looking at plants and what they require to grow well. We have worked in threes, each group looking at different requirements like water, air, space, warmth, soil and light. As you can see from the photographs, some of these are particularly vital to the plant's health! In our Art lessons we have linked our learning in Science and have been looking at plants. We have drawn some in watercolour pencils, sculpted peppers from clay and drawn them in charcoal too.

Y6 Bowles Trip

As anticipated, our Y6 pupils enjoyed a fabulous and sunny activities weekend at Bowles to celebrate the end of KS2 SATs and their time together at Sacred Heart School. Everyone had the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and try something new, surprising themselves and their friends at times with what they could achieve. It was a pleasure to spend this special time with the children and fortunately for all of us, Half term is just around the corner…. time to recharge the batteries and catch up on some lost sleep!