'Children in the EYFS achieve extremely well in all areas because of the excellence of the setting.' ISI Inspection May 2013

The Foundation Stage at Sacred Heart School, comprising the Nursery and Reception classes, is a highly successful unit which provides an excellent introduction to school life, ensuring children are well prepared for the transition to main school.

At Sacred Heart we are fortunate in having our own on-site Nursery, which can admit children following their second  birthday.

The Foundation Stage is led by the Nursery Manager, a qualified and well respected practitioner who is supported by an experienced team.

Having our own Nursery ensures a seamless transition into main school, where pupils are already familiar with key staff and the learning environment. If pupils attending another setting wish to join us in the Reception class we encourage the take up of some sessions in the Nursery during the summer term prior to admission.  Priority for places is given to our own Nursery pupils as we experience increasing pressure on places.  We participate in the EYEE Government funding scheme.

Parents considering a Nursery place for their child are encouraged to apply early and are welcome to visit during term time. Please contact the school office to make an appointment or join us for the regular Parent and Toddler sessions which provide the ideal opportunity to familiarise children with the routines and the staff in the setting, with the added security of mum or dad close at hand.

In the Reception class the children's progress and wellbeing is overseen by an experienced and qualified teacher who works in close partnership with the Nursery teacher.  In both classrooms the children benefit from positive staff: pupil ratios which enables us to treat each child as an individual.

Termly Parent Consultations ensure that the home - school partnership is highly successful and advantageous to the progress and development of every child.

The first steps towards a happy, confident and successful school career are established in our excellent Foundation Stage.

For those parents and carers whose children are too young to join us independently we offer the toddler sessions on 1st and 3rd Fridays each month from 9 - 10.15 am. This is an ideal opportunity for you to meet other parents and for your child to become familiar with the setting and routines in preparation for joining Nursery following their 2nd birthday. Please click here for further information.


Please click here for further Special Education and Disability Information.



50 Things to do before you’re 5 is a bucket list of fun and educational activities for families to do – all low-cost or no cost! These activities get children talking and help solve the problem of children starting school with low literacy levels, language skills, or just a lack of life experiences. Many of the 50 things ideas easily transfer to fun activities for the whole family.  

With the ever increasing cost of living why not also highlight the events tab to parents, carers and family members as it provides information on low or no cost events that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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