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Everyone in Nursery, Reception, Y1 and Y2 enjoyed the most wonderful trip to Drusillas Park.

Sophie's account (Y2):

"On Tuesday 6th June, Foundation Stage and Key Stage One went on an exciting school trip to Drusillas. We went on a coach and I sat next to Florence. On the coach we played Eye Spy and rested a bit.

When we arrived, we first looked at all the wonderful animals. My favourite was the Binturong because it was adorable! Next, we went to the Animal Encounter room and we touched a snake, millipede, cockroach, rat and a blue-tongued lizard. The lizard's tongue as very blue because it is known for its blueish colour.

After that we had lovely picnic altogether and the food was a cheese sandwich which was yummy, crisps and apple and my favourite - the kit kat! Lastly, we went on the train ride and then we had a chance to play in the play park. I had the best day ever! I learned a group of Meer cats are called a Mob or a Gang or a Clan. I also learned that a lizard lives up to 30 years and a snake only needs to feed once every two weeks! It was such a fun day!

Can we go back to Drusillas please?"


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