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Year 5 as part of our history topic on the Vikings, have been learning about Viking longships. They have learnt that the ships were skilfully built to sail fjords, rivers and seas with ease in order to explore, pirate and combat. The ships usually measured approximately 25-30 metres in length, could carry up to 60 men and were steered by an oar at the back of the boat. A figure-head at the front of the ship was used to scare the enemy.

During the Easter holidays, the children were asked to make their own versions of a Viking longship using any materials that they felt were most suitable. The results were absolutely fantastic! A variety of media was used for their ships including clay, card, Lego and wood- we even had a ship made out of cake which we all thoroughly enjoyed! The attention to detail and expert craftsmanship ensured that each ship was carefully made to replicate the original! Brilliant work, Year 5!


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