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The theme was Magic and Wizardry and the children took part in four different activities. The first was examining owl pellets and the  cross-checking against a table to identify what the owl had been eating - a little unsavoury perhaps but very interesting! After this there was an ICT session where all the children learnt how to develop their own web page about owls. Although this was complicated, everyone managed to do this in record time! 

After lunch we examined exponential growth patterns in Maths, and all the children were declared expert Mathemagicians!

The final session was very exciting. Children had to work out how to propel marbles along a meter length of string suspended across the classroom. They were given a balloon, some card and sellotape and had to work out a method for themselves. All of them were successful and there was fierce competition for the prizes at the end of the session.


Both sessions were hugely enjoyable and have demonstrated how much fun Science can be!