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Children from Y5 and Y6 visited Wakehurst Place this week, as part of their science studies about reproduction in plants.

They each dissected a flower, identifying the different parts, and then used microscopes to look more closely at pollen and ovules. They were amazed by the detail they could see. They also examined a number of different types of flower to compare their structure.

Later, they went on a search of the grounds, to find different types of seeds and how they are dispersed. They also searched for pollinators and looked for clues from the shape of flowers, that might tell them what kind of insect would pollinate that flower. They really enjoyed walking through the magnificent grounds, and were especially delighted to see ducks, ducklings and some baby goslings too!

All the children were given a token to visit again, free of charge, with an accompanying adult. There is so much to see and do at Wakehurst and hopefully many of the children will take the opportunity to visit again for free over the summer holidays.   


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