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It was lovely to have the whole school back together again for our annual Prizegiving ceremony in the beautiful Chapel at Mayfield School. Awards were presented to reflect our school's core values; Love, Learn, Grow and Worship, alongside many others celebrating the exceptional attributes of our children.




LOVE Kamila (1), Sienna (2), Tolly (3)  Lara (4), Lily (5)

LEARN Charlie (R), Tessa (1), Sophie (2), Hattie (3), Leonor (4), Orla (5) 

GROW Toby (R), Joseph (1), Lydia (2), Arthur (3), Oliver C (4), Alissia (5)

WORSHIP Amadea (R), Blaise (1) Emily (2), Rose (3), Felicity (4), Lorenzo (5)

THE SPIRIT OF SACRED HEART AWARD is for someone who the class teacher feels has particularly embodied the aims of our Mission Statement, living out the Gospel values in their everyday lives. Amelie (Y1) Millie (Y2) Barnaby (Y3) Emily (Y4) Gus (Y5)

KINDNESS PLATE In memory of Katharine Monk former head of Nursery, this plate is awarded at the end of Foundation Stage to a pupil who has been a member of the school since Nursery Helen (R) 



The netball prize is given this year to Amelie who has shown huge improvement; her determination to intercept the ball in defence is to be commended. She has been a very valuable member of the netball team.

This is awarded to Myles for great improvement this year. He has become a very successful goal keeper and is amazing at predicting where the ball would go. He was a very valuable member of the ISA Football Team who went to the National Finals.

HOCKEY - Winnie
This is awarded to Winnie who has been a great goal keeper and saved many goals. Her confidence has grown over the year. She has been a valuable member of the hockey team.

RUGBY - Fabian
This prize is awarded to Fabian who has been very involved in Rugby throughout his time at school. He has become a skilful player and is always there to support others within his team. Others now look to him for advice and support.

CRICKET (boy) - Louis
This prize is awarded to Louis who is a very talented cricketer. He is a strong bowler and bats tactically, managing to hit the ball a great distance.

CRICKET (girl) - Annabelle
This is awarded to Annabelle who has worked really hard to improve her bowling and batting skills this year. She always shows great resilience during matches.

Good sportsmanship is when people who are playing or watching a sport treat each other with respect. Art embodies this definition.

Most Improved SPORTSMAN - Thomas
This is awarded to Thomas who really enjoys his sport. He always tries his very best and practises at home to improve his skills. He is an amazing skipper, and completed the long distance run this year. He has been determined to improve in all sports and I know that football goal will come soon!.

P.E. CUP - Jack
The sports player of the year is awarded to Jack who shows excellence in football, rugby, hockey, cricket and swimming. He has been a most valuable member of all these sports teams. He was also selected for the PUMA A Football team and he plays at a high level out of school. He was a key player in our 5-a-side team in the ISA Nationals. He is an excellent role model and a fantastic team player.

P.E. CUP - Millie The sports player of the year is awarded to Millie who shows excellence in Netball, Hockey, Rugby and Cricket. She plays for many outside clubs in a variety of sports. She is a fantastic team player who always gives everything to every match she plays in. She really is a fantastic role model.

GROW - Bella
This GROW award is awarded to Bella who has worked tirelessly across the curriculum to make really good progress. She gives her best in all she does.

GROW - Rafferty
This GROW award goes to Rafferty who always works hard and wants to his best with a cheerful smile. He has been determined to use a growth mind-set even when things are tough. He has a kind heart.

LEARN - Harrison
This LEARN award goes to Harrison who has a passion for mathematics and a flair for design, which he weaves into his learning at every opportunity. He has achieved an excellent standard.

LEARN - Jenna
This LEARN award goes to Jenna who has worked extremely hard to achieve to a very high standard across the curriculum. She is also a creative girl and her work is always beautifully presented.

ART PLATE - Amelie
The Art Plate is awarded to Amelie who has demonstrated a clear talent and a passion for Art since joining our school. Her pieces are always original and well-crafted and she has a rare talent.

The cup is awarded this year to Art whom the staff agree is fully deserving of the prize for his outstanding performance in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Since Nursery Fabian has always shown commitment to all aspects of school life, whether it be in the classroom, on the sports field or performing on stage. He volunteers help in every situation and he is a kind and energetic member of the school community. We are so proud of his progress and achievements over the years.

PERSEVERANCE CUP - Emma The recipient of the cup this year Emma. Since joining the school in Nursery, has grown in confidence and she has consistently given her best in all aspects of school life.

MUSIC CUP - Louis To paraphrase the recent end of year musical… there is a prologue to this award: the staff have chosen Louis as the recipient of this award without consultation with the music teacher, which is highly unusual. However, this child is highly musical with a talent for flute playing, a natural singer and percussionist.

GK PLATE Awarded by the Griffiths Family - Harry
Harry has a thirst for knowledge and an enquiring mind. He always shares plenty of interesting facts with the class and he genuinely enjoys learning about new things.

HISTORY CUP Awarded by the Griffiths Family - Harry
Harry also has a passion for History and a thirst for knowledge and his contributions in History lessons this year has been outstanding whether it be about democracy in Ancient Greece or the his fascination with the world of William Shakespeare.

Millie has been actively engaged in Geography topics this year and is a thoroughly enthusiastic geographer. Her work on the Amazon River was outstanding and her map skills and the presentation of her work are of a very high standard.

The Creative Writing Cup is awarded to Annabelle who has a wonderful imagination, a passion for storytelling and a talent for weaving words. She has written some fabulous stories this year and her talent for poetry is breath-taking. Her pen portrait of her character for A Midsummer Night’s Dream was outstanding.

The recipient of this prize Jack, is an extraordinarily able pupil who achieves to a high standard in all areas of the curriculum, but he excels in many. He always strives to do his best and he goes beyond what is asked of him including his home learning. He has gained a place at Cranbrook School.

LAUDATO SI Donated by Mrs Blake - Thomas
This award is presented to Thomas who lives out the message from Pope Francis in his call for us to be stewards of our beautiful world, which was entrusted to us by God. Thomas loves nature and he is fascinated by it.

The Plate is awarded to Winnie who the whole staff feels has embodied the aims of our mission statement, consistently living out the Gospel values. She is inherently kind to everyone she meets; she nurtures the younger children and looks after even the oldest members of our school community. She is determined, empathetic and wise above her years. She has a personal faith which shines through her.

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