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Tuesday 7th February was National E-Safety Day and the theme this year was "Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations about life online."

The children enjoyed a whole day of activities about safe use of the internet and how they should talk to a trusted adult when they have concerns. The day started with a whole school performance of "Pinocchio" which showed the children how he managed to navigate safely through lots of internet problems. He accepted a contact on his iPad from someone he did not know, and then he was tricked - first into making a TikTok video, and then into signing up to an online contract with the evil ring master at the circus. He managed to escape with some help from an online fairy, only to be eaten by a whale! His nose grew as he told a few lies along the way, but eventually he learnt how to use the internet safely and that he should not tell lies.

Classes then had individual workshops with the actors from the performance. Here they played games and acted out scenarios to focus on the theme of talking about problems that may arise from internet use, and also to remember the SMART principles for safe use of the internet:-

S Safe - keep your personal information safe
M Meet - you should not meet up with anyone you have only ever met online
A Accepting - accepting files and opening messages from people you do not know can cause problems
R Reliability - check the reliability of information you find out on the internet
T Tell - tell a trusted adult if anything on the internet makes you feel uncomfortable

There was a Key Stage 2 Assembly exploring how to use and enjoy the internet and how to discuss and raise questions with trusted adults. It was a really fun and interactive day with children taking part in lots of exciting activities to reinforce the important message of internet safety and feeling confident to speak up about concerns or worries when using the internet.



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