Monday was School Census day for Sacred Heart School. Together we compiled a set of questions answered by all classes and then variously compared and collated using pie charts, bar charts, tallies and pictograms, generating some interesting questions along the way. Given that this Census snapshot is taken during a time of pandemic, we wondered what difference that has made to the nation's answers - about place of work, occupation.... I don't suppose any of us declared overnight visitors! The children enjoyed the practical application of maths skills to answer real life questions. All in all, an interesting exercise in social history through a mathematical lens.

The Y6 children have been learning about the census. They collated the information from the school's census and made pie charts to represent the data - they practised so many mathematical skills including using compasses to draw circles, using a protractor to construct pie charts and interpreting data. They also made mini books which tell of the history of the national census and explains why they are important.