On Tuesday 22nd October, Years 5 and 6 took part in a Shakespeare Workshop on Macbeth which was run by two professional actors. In the first part of the morning they used games and activities to help the children to represent aspects of the key characters from the play. They were also asked to use ‘freeze frames’ to represent a scene.

The actors had broken down the story-line of the play into 6 main scenes. Children were then divided into 6 groups and each given a scene from the play. They were asked to improvise the scene as a group, using the skills they had developed during the morning aided by a range of props.

They spent the rest of the afternoon rehearsing and working out the best way to present their scene with support from the teachers and the actors. At the end of the afternoon they each acted out their scenes to the rest of Key Stage 2, summarising the whole story of the play, and the audience was very impressed!

The children really enjoyed the day and learnt some very useful skills, as well as interesting facts and information about William Shakespeare and the theatre during his lifetime.