This year’s summer fair enjoyed the hottest day of the year with many of our adult visitors longing to dive into the Nerf arena for a good old fashioned water fight! The fair was a great success and the PTA wishes to thank everyone for their support both in the run up to the fair and on the day itself. All of your time and generous donations meant that we were able to raise £3,800 which added to the events throughout the year means we are able to give the school a cheque for £8,000. This money will go to support school projects and is something we should all be very proud of achieving; we couldn’t have done it without you all! The fair was also about focusing on our planet and doing our part to limit the amount of waste we send to landfill. At the end of the fair there were just 4 bags of waste, 2 of which were sent for recycling, I think you will agree that this is a good step forward. Sustainability will remain a focus of the PTA. For now, all that remains is a BIG THANK YOU and to wish you a wonderful summer holiday.

Cam, Claerwyn, Kathy and Claire