At Sacred Heart we have been working hard to understand how to use the internet safely. The theme for e safety this year is "Consent" and on Tuesday, Mrs Leftwich explained what this meant to Key Stage 2 in a special assembly. We need to gain consent from others if we want to share photographs or information about them, or if we want other people to join a messaging group. Companies must get our consent if they want to obtain or use our personal details. 

The children examined real life situations where they could be asking for or giving consent for their actions when using electronic communications. Children were able to follow up these activities with their class teachers and they were given the opportunity to ask for advice and help on their own internet use.

In Key Stage 1 teachers read stories and talked to children about their safe use of the internet and children made e-safety posters to show what they had learnt. There was an opportunity for Key Stage 2 to play the new e-safety game, Band runner on In the game children can collect points for answering questions on the safe use of the internet. There are lots of resources for children in Key Stage 1 and 2 on this website and there is also plenty of helpful advice for parents.

On Thursday 7th February, there were additional e safety sessions led by an IT Consultant in the ICT room for all classes from Year 1 to 6. In these children took part in fun activities designed to help them keep safe on the internet. The activities in Key Stage 1 were very hands on and practical eg. acting out how the internet works, whilst the older children had more in depth discussions about using secure passwords and being aware of the dangers of pop ups and cyber threats.

After half-term teachers will be following up the e safety message with additional e-safety lessons to make sure that children in each year group have plenty of opportunities to talk about any concerns and understand how to keep safe. The internet is very topical at the moment, and there has been lots of discussion in the media about screen time and the dangers that the internet can pose. The overall message is that the internet is a fantastic resource for us all and has brought great benefits to our world. As long as we make sure that we are using technology safely, appropriately and in moderation, we can enjoy it and make the most of all the many benefits it can offer.