In History, Year One are learning about Toys in the Past. They brought their siblings’, parents’ and grandparents’ toys into school and built up an extensive and varied collection. They wrote about their special toys; whose toys they are, what they look and feel like, what they are made from and what makes them special. Here is what they wrote:

 ‘This is a very special monkey because it is a magic monkey. It is faded. It is 20 years old.’ Harrison 

‘This is my Mummy’s old teddy. Its ear is broken. It is threadbare. It is made from wool and its eyes are orange and red.’ Sophia

‘This is my Mum’s cabbage patch doll and she has orange hair and she is made from fabric. She is 40 years old and she is dirty and dull and she has blue eyes and she always has a smile, every day.’ Coco

‘This is my sister’s old toy. It is red and it can sing on its own. It has a picture on the back.’ Noah

‘This is my Granny’s Dolly. She is cute and made from plastic and she is very cuddly because she is wearing woolly clothes and she is very old. She likes me and I am kind back. I like her woolly clothes.’ Alice 

‘This is my Mummy’s old toy and it plays music and it is made from metal and wood. The paint is chipped.’ Eloise ‘This is my Mummy’s first Christmas toy. It is old. It is a pop-up toy.’ Paddy

‘My toy is a bus. It is made from metal and it can move and it is made from glass and it is rusty and it is delicate.’ Gus 

'My Daddy’s teddy is called Bert. It loves me and I love him because he is special. It used to be gold and my Daddy’s toy story.’ Ina-Mae 

‘My toy is shiny and it has some cobwebs. My toy is green and its is red. And it is my Dad’s old toy.’ Amber 

‘These are my Daddy’s old cars and they are old because they are not shiny and the boxes are not shiny and it is made of metal.’ Mae

‘My Grandma has got some old dominoes at her house. She used to play with these dominoes and she liked to play with them. The box is broken and now she is 71. The dominoes are made from wood. I also brought some wooden blocks in and Freddy likes playing with them.’ Susie

‘The doll is plastic and it is very old and dirty and it has buttons and is made from fabric. It has squishy shoes.’ Mollie 

'This is a puppet. It is made from wood. It can move its arms and legs and bottom.’ Olivia